Port De Soller Mallorca

Port De Soller Mallorca

Wednesday, 3 August 2011


This is an apology that may not need to be said, as you may not need it.  But if you don't need it, the next question is why not?

What is he twittering on about I hear you ask, well it's simple, comments, yes comments.

Comments on blogs, I started writing these irrelevant little witticisms back in April and I have to say in all honesty I was not looking for much by way in response, but like everyone I suppose it is nice to get at least some feed back, but I have not been to bothered that I have not had any, or have I?

Ishbel, you know the better half the one who puts up with me and cleans up after me when I am unwell, see An attack of the poorlies and why men need women happened to mention that she had posted a comment to one of the blogs, not the clean me up one but Musical reflections (and I still hate the Osmonds) but when I checked my account dashboard there was none to be had.  Strange. spooky, maybe Blogspot had achieved where I had failed; in blocking the wife out of my life (only kidding)!

I then went in to the site help page and I have to say the first thing with it is, it's pretty crap navigating around and not easy to find things, even with all the headings,  Never mind, after a while I finally found something and a couple of comments from other bloggers who appeared to be having similar problems, with responses from others who had solved the issue by getting rid of the 'embedded' comment box at the bottom of the post and changing it so that when you clicked on 'post comment' a new page opens up in your browser allowing comments to be posted from there.

So, if you have posted a comment to any of my blogs and you have been offended that I have then not responded to your comments, although I am not sure, until that happens, that I can, comment on a comment that is, then this apology is for you, sorry.

If on the other hand, if you are one of the 1013 people who have read my utterings, and you haven't left a comment, why not?  Even if you think what I have written is a load of b****cks do feel free to let me know, I have been married for ages so have a thick skin....................

 Best Wishes 

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